In the work of mentor and coach discretion is very important, therefore I do not place all the references on this website. Some of them can be read below.


Alina helped me to see my own limitations and repeating schemes which had blocked my success, also to get rid of certain assumptions that I considered as facts and which turned out to be untrue. Thanks to cooperation with Alina I could clearly define my goals, on professional and private ground. My effectiveness increased by 100% and achieved goals by 300%. Alina combines factual knowledge with spirituality. She looks for out of the box solutions, gives 150% out of herself. Her enormous professional and life experience contribute to the good changes that she initiates.

Monika Zybert Czochralska – President/owner AMC Logistics


Alina combines delicacy, kindness and mindfulness that she gives to the other person with accuracy of observations and specific, business approach, action-oriented. Thanks to Alina I had more courage to take right decisions, I went through hard beginnings of creating a new company, passing from ideas to realization and freeing myself from a few blocks that we worked on with Alina. During the period of mentoring I felt her engagement and supporting presence on many levels, not only professional, as I still feel it today J. Thank you.

Anna Żakowska – President/Owner Inspire Group


Cooperation and sessions with Alina offer possibility to ask ourselves questions in such a way that the answers come intuitively, embrace a large scale of issues, not only connected with work. A session with a good mentor is much more disciplined and directed to the final effect, which is the actual introduction of changes, than the usual “talks over a glass of wine”. That’s why it is worth to take advantege of such possibilities, so as not to waste time, to discover and to mobilize our natural abilities, to give the depth and sense/goal to our life, to more believe in ourselves, and also to relax, to make room for new space in our head.     

Teresa – Specialist in Public Relations 


Alina Baniecka is a professionalist in every inch. Through a deep analysis of each “case” she gets to the bottom of things, revealing not only defects that are necessary to fix through long- term work in many areas, but also showing the positive aspects on which it is worth to concentrate. Working with her allowed me to face myself, to see my weak points and believe in myself, in my strenghts, possibilities and awaken the layers of my creative energy.

There are no impossible things when you work with Alina Baniceka who can find a way of every situation. She can give advice and show the right direction. First of all, she is exigent, which mobilizes you to take action and increases your self-discipline.

She is creative and can materialize her every idea. No more, no less, Alina is a professional counselor, a true friend and a creative soul. Cooperation with her on every level is an added value. I highly recommend her.

Dominika Wójcicka – Manager/14 years of experience in the public sector


I started cooperation with Alina as a mentor in order to make changes in my professional life, so as to better and more fully use my potential, to get effective financial results comparing to my input of effort in different projects and areas. Thanks to sessions with Alina I got a better insight into different areas of my life, not only professional, I saw a broader perspective of my decisions and their results, I identified fields requiring change. During sessions I felt that I get a lot of attention, kindness and support, thanks to the right questions I could “track” appropriate solutions, I also obtained tools to continue my work. Now I have more courage to introduce changes, a better consciousness of my strenghts and those areas that I want to pefect. Alina Baniecka is a mentor who combines big professional experience with great intuition and courage to look for out of the box solutions. I highly recommend to people who want to improve certain fields and to those who are at the crossroads.

Ewa – Translator


In her work on challenges of other people Alina combines empathy and ability to understand the point of view of the client with her experience, which enables one to see how a given situation can be perceived by others. Understanding of a broader context and range of open possibilities helps to identify opportunities and strenghts, to find real problems and look for optimal solutions.

Andrzej – IT Specialist 


Alina is a real success woman. Her precious advice is based on her enormous knowledge. Within a short period of time (a few sessions during 2 months) I became a confident, successful woman. Alina helped me to break my stagnation. I couldn’t find work for quite a long time and thanks to her help I believed in myself and created my own job position. Everything became possible. Thanks to her I started thinking about my needs and myself. Relations with my dear ones got better. Alina always says the truth. In the beginning it was not comfortable for me, but sometimes truth can make wonders and these wonders started happening in my life almost everyday. I appreciate her personal culture and tactfulness with which she can tell us even difficult and hurtful information.    

Karolina Sajniak – Music manager