How do I work?

As mentor/coach, I ask questions and use exercises in such a manner, as to enable you to see your actual situation as it is: without filters, beliefs, prejudice, objectively. I notice dependancies, systems, relations in a given situation and together with you I create a strategy, so that you can achieve what you want, change what you want to change, improve what you want to improve.

With whom do I work?

With people who want to improve the quality of their life in one or many fields. If you are ready to undergo an internal transformation, which can lead to a big change in the external world, I invite you to contact me!

Being ready for change is the key.

Before you make an appointment for a session, please consider:

  • if you are really ready to make a change in your life
  • if you have space and motivation to change your habits and customs?

    Why mentoring and not other methods?

    Mentoring is an exclusive, personal method of support, results- and solutions-oriented. In the mentoring process you can use knowledge, expertise and talents of the mentor who has already made the way that you are following now. During sessions we set smaller and bigger goals, we elaborate an action plan, so that the changes are tangible and measurable. We focus on small steps because they are easier to introduce and they are elements of a well-thought transformation. The pace of change is individual, but it is not the most important factor. Consequent action and systematicity of introducing changes shows the effectiveness of process, getting to what you want to achieve/change.         

    Remember… It is You who decide how you want to live!

    Who is a mentor? A few views.

    Mentor is:


    • A person from who you can take inspiration  
    • Someone who looks at your life from a distance, ever from afar
    • Someone who has a bigger experience, not only in successes, but also in failures
    • Someone with whom one can look for answers
    • Someone whom one wants to tell not only about her/his professional experiences, but also about her/his life, which has led to these experiences
    • Someone who helps to open up for new perspectives in life
    • Kind of a guide, kind of a companion in the process of self-development    
    • Someone who gives you a chance to see or experience something that is difficult to see by yourself
    • Someone who allows you to see that there are other paths
    • A person who shows you shortcuts – tells you what you can omit, where you can go without circuitous steps
    • It is an inspiring person, but not a “smart aleck” kind of person, it is someone who has the qualities of a leader, a trustee to whom we can tell about our ideas, who perhaps has a bigger experience and wants to share it, who supports your ideas, is your “cheerleder”    

    Our relationship

    It is a partnership based on mutual trust, openness and full engagement. I specialize in asking the right questions, observing, gathering and analyzing facts, drawing conclusions and inquiring your truth. You are the expert. You have the best and the most accurate knowledge of yourself. I only help you to get to this knowledge and use it.  

    Duration of mentoring

    It is adapted individually. A session lasts usually 1.5 hours. Meetings take place on average once in two weeks. With some mentees I meet more often, with others less often. Sometimes one or two sessions are enough. On average the process takes a few months.

    Emotions and sessions

    Everything which is going on during sessions is confidential, therefore it does not go out of my office. Emotions often emerge during sessions and they are welcome. Each emotion, each state or word is the right one. We consider together how to use the emotional signals. I also have emotions, I am a human and do not pretend to be a super woman. Empathy, humility and  mindfulness are companions of my life.