Alina Baniecka

mentor, coach, life consultant, architect of life and professional changes.


First of all, I am a practitioner of business. I have over 25 years of experience endorsed with successes and awards on the highest managerial positions in corporations in the area of FMCG and business to business services. I was responsible for such fields of activity of international and Polish companies as operations, sales, marketing, PR, customer service, logistics, HR, company management.

I led many international projects, I was in charge of multi million budgets and up to a few hundred employees. I founded and ran a foundation promoting healthy lifestyle and work-life balance. For the last three years I have been a mentor with Professional Woman’s Network Global (PWN Global).



MBA graduate in ESSEC/ SGGW,  master’s degree in human nutrition and consumption economy in SGGW, Warsaw

Numerous trainings and workshops in the field of professional and personal development, among others:

  • coaching – certified courses ICF ( International Coaching Federation),
  • coaching & zen with Richard Bolstad
  • provocative therapy – Frank Farelly
  • leadership – DDI Academy, London, Robert Dilts
  • NLP III generation Robert Dilts (master’s degree)
  • design thinking
  • Bert Hellinger system constellations
  • Brandon Bays work with trauma – Warsaw, Holland
  • motivating dialog
  • positive psychology
  • voice dialogue
  • The Work/Byron Katie
  • relaxation and meditation techniques, etc.


I specialize in discovering one’s individual potential, which leads to the feeling of fulfillment. I accompany in the process of changes. I encourage mentees to take action.

I promote authenticity on everyday basis, because everyone wants to be Themselves, both in private and professional life.

How did I come to this place? Why am I doing what I am doing?

I have always had a natural ability to notice potential in another person nad was happy to inspire positive changes in someone’s life, to create the “AHA” effect, to motivate others, to accompany them in the professional or personal development. After 25 years of professional experiences I decided to share my expertise and talents and do what sets me apart – professionally – as full time work.