Emotion Release

Blocked emotions in the present day became a true epidemy – invisible cause of numerous illnesses and diseases, both physical and emotional.

Dr. Bradley Nelson, author of The Emotion Code after many years of practice has come up with a simple yet efficient method of diagnose and emotions release.

What is a trapped emotion according to The Emotion Code’s author?  

„Although most of us sincerely want to let go of difficult moments with which they struggled with in the past, such a difficult experience can influence present life – because of trapped emotions.”

Sometimes we are able to recall specific traumatic events and sometimes not – but you can be sure that your unconscious mind remembers everything. The Emotion Code method allows you to get to this information… bypass the rational, conscious mind and get to the blocked emotions from the unconscious level.    

Every time when you hold emotions within you get stuck in the traumatic experience that caused it.    And so instead of leaving behind the moments of anger, grief, depression, you preserve in your body the negative energy of a given emotion, which potentially causes a huge stress – physical and mental. The burden of emotional luggage is more tangible and realistic that one can suppose.

Blocked emotions can stop us from using our full potential. Getting rid of imprisoned emotions can help you as well. You too have a chance to overcome the obstacles from the past – bring a new quality to your marriage and other personal and familial relationships.

When you free yourself from the burden of emotional luggage, you will feel more confident, motivated, free in building new relations, career or a new life that you have always wanted.

Many people are not able to use their full potential and as a result they lead unsatisfying life. And they may not be aware that often the cause of their frustration is a trapped emotion connected with past experienced which sabotages their efforts.  

At the session of emotion release you will discover your internal, unsupportive schemes of acting, you will get rid of useless emotional ballast, you will strenghten the connection with your interior and each step towards your goal will become easier.   In order to correct not functioning areas of your life, you must change unsupportive beliefs and release blocked emotions. During the session is used the kinesiological test – a practical tool for communication with your body and mind.   In aboriginal traditions the body is one with your unconsciousness that “steers” our health, emotional state and events that are being attracted. Kinesiological test enables you to communicate with your unconsciousness.
Thanks to this tool you get the answer „yes” or “no”.
You only need to be opened.

Changes you can expect thanks to the emotion release:

    • Increased feeling of security
    • Increased self-confidence
    • Increased feeling of self-worth
    • Stronger feeling of belonging, connecting with other people
    • Keeping healthy boundaries
    • Panic and fear attacks disappearance
    • Quieter mind
    • Clarity
    • Disappearance of self-sabotage
    • Turning off the internal critic
    • Anger release
    • Wyjście ze sceptycyzmu Quiting scepticism
    • Healing off depression
    • Increased feeling of self-agency, creativity
    • Easier navigation in relations
    • Stronger experiencing of joy and happiness
    • Incerase of motivation
    • Heart openness
    • Feeling of love, capacity to give and receive love
    • Internal peace
    • Better sleep
    • Weight loss
    • Pain relief even in chronic conditions
    • And many others

    * According to dr. Bradley Nelson’s book

Alina Baniecka

Certified practitioner of The Emotion Code – The Emotion Code is a powerful and simple way to rid yourself of this unseen baggage. Dr. Bradley Nelson’s method gives you the tools to identify and release the trapped emotions in your life, eliminating your “emotional baggage” and opening your heart and body to the positive energies of the world.

Life advisor (accredited coach in ICF), mentor, architect of life and professional change, 25 years of experience on highest managerial positions. Holistic therapist, spiritual guide. Helps people connect with their intuition/soul/higher self.

I help people in the transformation process. I support creating and achieving goals. I specialize in the work with unconsciousness on the level of emotions and beliefs. Thanks to my intuition and tools such as Emotion Code I can precisely establish the source of emotional problems and causes of ailments. I help release blocked emotions, which can lead to dissolve pain or physical ailments and psychosomatic problems. I support achieving goals that one puts forward. I assist in solving emotional problems resulting from conflicts, addictions, overweight and psychosomatic ailments. I often work with subjects like low self-esteem, lack of self-worth, fears, self-sabotage, self-injuring, lack of joy, etc.     

My spiritual teacher Pema Cziedryn says that will to change oneself  is „a form self-aggression. It so happens – luckily or not – that in our weaknesses there is also our greatness.
Our neurosis and our wisdom are made from the same matter. If we kill our neurosis, we also kill our wisdom.”

Instead of the process of changing oneself, pressure, comparing to others, expectations, I propose you a meeting which will inspire you to be in a place of authentic peace, letting go, self care, gentleness for you, setting boundaries, enjoying oneself. I will share tools that make these states possible and encourage you „to do homework”: be careful with your feelings and reactions, mindful to your needs, practice tenderness.

Individual sessions:

online / telephone PLN 300 / one-hour session;
PLN 350 one and a half hour session
office: PLN 350 one-hour session; PLN 450 one and half hour session



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