I am a coach accredited in International Coach Federation.
In my work I apply models of different schools and currents of coaching, like Ericsson’s (Marylin Atkinson), zen (Richard Boldstad), provocative (Frank Farelly).

I adapt the coaching sessions to client’s needs. In the process of coaching, in order to achieve a goal and client’s satisfaction, I emphasize the way of thinking and values of the client. It is important that while working with me the client feels comfort and safety and is certain that I act accordingly to the Ethical Code of Coach ICF. 


coaching sessions for managers, business and executive  coaching, life coaching.

Examples of session subjects

  • strengthening of one’s leadership with elements of consistency and resolution
  • improvement of relations with the team or board members
  • need of introducing changes in one’s performance
  • supporting in preparation for a new role in the organization
  • Range

    managerial competence development: leadership, motivation and development of employees, work with stress, efficient communication, cooperation and commitment.

    My clients appreciate my experience in many areas and intuition, direct approach, warm and humorous style of coaching, and above all efficiency. I help and inspire them in their development, I help build strength and create new perspectives. Supporting people in personal development, leaders in leadership and internal integrity is my life’s mission.

    ICF Accreditation

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